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Foto primeiros tra�os

First traces of the city

In Curitiba in the year of 1857, only two roads intersected each other perpendicularly: the road where the Legislative Assembly was located (now Doutor Muricy) and that of the commerce (now Marechal Deodoro), according to the document drawn up by Taulois. All other roads spread out somewhat in that direction and Taulois defined the manner in which to straighten out the roads, through a gradual expropriation of lands for public use.

Taulois designed a series of measures to be adopted in order to make the streets straighter, maintaining them also parallel. Streets such as the Ruas do Comércio (Street of Commerce), Rua do Fogo (now São Francisco street), Rua Graciosa (now Barão do Serro Azul) as well as others, changed their layout to create a city with more rectangular lines, in a square format, with streets intersecting at well-defined perpendicular angles. These measures demonstrated a growing concern with the circulation within the urban network.

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