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Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba
Setor hist�rico

Historical Sector

The church São Francisco de Paula ruins, which was never completed, the Relógio das Flores (a working clock made of flowers), the fountain "Fonte da Memória", old churches and reformed old mansions that are turned into cultural spaces, make up the historical sector of the city, where one of the most prominent features is the memorial dedicated to Curitiba, the Memorial of Curitiba. On Sunday mornings there are, at Igreja do Rosário, a mass for the tourists and also on the street, a craftsfair, meeting point for the Curitibanos.

Opening hours: Daily 24h

Fair: Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm

Av. Cândido de Abreu, 817 - Centro Cívico
CEP: 80.530-908 • Fone: (41) 3350-8484