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Cidade integrada

An Integrated City

Curitiba's third large urbanistic plan is the one that is still in effect. It was created in the 1960s, when the notion of global and integrated planning was gaining force. An invitation to a bid was established, on a nationwide basis, to select a company that would create a Master Plan for Curitiba. The Serete company, from the state of São Paulo, won the bid. This company carried out the work in São Paulo and, twice a month, held meetings in Curitiba with the local group involved, which ended up in the creation of Appuc - Assessoria de Pesquisa e Planjeamento Urbano de Curitiba (Consultancy in Urban Research and Planning in Curitiba). This organ was transformed in 1965, into Ippuc - Instituto de Pesquisa e Planejamento Urbano de Curitiba (Research and Urban Planning Institute of Curitiba).

Upon the creation and submittal of a Master Plan, Ippuc became responsible for seeing that it would be carried out in all of its details. The City Hall offered seminars entitled 'Curitiba de Amanhã' (Our Curitiba of Tomorrow), in order to discuss the plan with all of the institutions that represented the city's population. The philosophy adopted was that of integrating functions (that of housing, circulation, work and recreational activities) and urban services in a tripod type foundation: transportation, the roads network and use of land were issues dealt with in an integrated manner.

The Master Plan of Curitiba got off the paper and started being put into practice in 1971. It regulated three basic transformations occurring in the city, being them physical, economic and cultural.

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