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The Municipal Tourism Institute is responsible for the planning and management of all touristic planning of Curitiba. You can visit their website at:


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According to data from the Paraná State Secretariat for Tourism, most of the tourists who visit Curitiba - near 34% - come to town on business. Visits to relatives and friends appear in second in the travel motive, with 30% of participation.

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The number of tourists who visit Curitiba has shown continuous growth since 2000, the year in which the city received 1.1 million people. In 2006, the total number of tourists reached the mark of 1.8 million, representing an increase of 72% in the period. Of the total visitors, 94.5% were from Brazil and 5.5% were foreigners.

Among the foreign tourists, the United States stand out with 21.8% of the total. The Germans and the Paraguayans appear together in second, with 9.1%.

Tourism Info

Concerning the tourist´s daily expenses in Curitiba, national visitors disburse an average of US$ 59 per day with meals, tours, shopping etc, while the foreign tourists spend about US$ 80. In 2006, these expenditures totaled nearly US$ 109 million, considering all tourists.

By virtue of the increased flow of tourists in the municipality, the Tourism Industry expanded its investments from 2000 to 2006, both in the hiring of new workers (about 20%), and in the expansion of number of establishments (36%). This shows that Curitiba has been prepared to provide the conditions necessary for comfort and convenience for those who visit the city.

An important indicator that Curitiba can offer good conditions to meet as much the tourists seeking leisure as those who come to town on business is the high level of satisfaction with the treatment received. According to data from the Paraná State Secretariat for Tourism, the average satisfaction of tourists, considering items such as attendance at airports, restaurants, public transport, and others, is around 84%.

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