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Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba


Curitiba is not only known as a well-planned and an environmentally friendly city, but also as a business capital.

In 2007, the ´Curitiba Agency´ was created. It works as a business hub and a guiding agency for everyone interested in doing business in Curitiba.


Curitiba Agency -


The Curitiba Development Agency is a mixed semi-autonomous economy corporation, a corporate body under private law, which aims to foster the economic activities in the municipality. The Agency works to promote the development of infrastructure, business-related base, science and technology focused on public-private partnerships, aiming to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the city and its population.

The Curitiba Agency was founded by the Law 12.439, of October 18th, 2007, and brings an innovative model for the public sector when working with project management, with a small workforce structure, prioritizing the use of technicians from the City.

With the new structure, the Agency advises companies and entrepreneurs installed or wishing to invest in Curitiba; provides technical and socioeconomic information; promotes and sponsors events that contribute for the promotion of economic activities; and manages, in a temporary or permanent nature, programs and projects destined to promote the city economic development.

Av. Cândido de Abreu, 817 - Centro Cívico
CEP: 80.530-908 • Fone: (41) 3350-8484