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Whenever travelers mention that they are going to Curitiba, people always advise them to take warm clothes. This is one thing you can be sure about in this city, for low temperatures have already become part of the lives of the curitibanos (residents of Curitiba).

However, this is not the only piece of advice that may be given to the Curitiba-bound. He could also be told that he should arrive in Curitiba with his eyes wide open to see the signs of an urban scenario in which dwellers, environment and the urban area coexist in a harmoniously.

This co-existence itself has become a tourist attraction. Aligning this factor to the fact that the city has an infrastructure implemented specifically for receiving tourists, Curitiba is a city that is ready to welcome them and can truly state: "Make yourselves at home!"

The estimated population of Curitiba in 2007 is 1.8 million inhabitants, occupying the 7th position in the ranking of Brazilian capitals. In Paraná State, it stands out as the largest municipality in number of inhabitants, accounting for 17.5% of the total population.

The average rate of population growth in Curitiba, which reached 5.3% per year in the 1970´s decade, is currently at 1.7%. One main reason for the reducing population growth rate is the drop in birth rate.

Regarding age composition, the range of 15 to 29 years old account for 29% of the population. Women account for 52.05%, and Men for 47.95% of the total population.

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With an estimated GDP of US$ 15.3 billion in 2007, representing a portion of 1.4% in the national GDP, Curitiba occupies the 4th position in the Brazilian capitals ranking.

The Services Sector contributes significantly to the composition of the GDP, accounting for 77% of the total GDP. Industry accounts for almost 23% and Agriculture for less than 1% of the slice.

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The estimated per capita GDP of Curitiba in 2007 was US$ 8.7 thousand, representing an actual accumulation of 7% over the last five years.


City Profile

Source: Agência Curitiba

Av. Cândido de Abreu, 817 - Centro Cívico
CEP: 80.530-908 • Fone: (41) 3350-8484